Moms: Prepare Before You Decide to Re-enter the Workforce

by Teri Hockett

Working Mom


Whether you are a new mom and can’t even imagine ever wanting to return to the workforce, or you already have a plan in place; it’s a good idea to take an assessment of where you left your career. Document it fully via a profile, resume, and quite possibly a video profile. Describe your credentials, degrees, and clearly document your statistical measurable results or problem solution resolutions for your last position. This will make it so much easier when or if you do decide to re-enter the workforce.

Get acquainted with being Employed by Life, and how your time not earning a paycheck for your work is just as valuable. Just because you are not being paid, does not mean that you are not learning new skills and gaining respected experience. Learn to document and translate to the workforce how:

1.  You stayed current

  • Education
  • Seminars and workshops
  • Connecting with colleagues
  • Networking at conferences

2.  Your volunteer work

  • How often
  • How much responsibility
  • Leadership roles count

3.  Projects and tasks at home

  • Remodel projects with budgets, timelines, and crews
  • Caring for ill-family members, working with insurance companies, researching doctors and treatments, being a patient advocate

Take advantage of our 30 day free offer to document where you left your career, and learn how your Employed by Life skills can add value to your resume when your return. Stay connected so that on an ongoing basis you can network with other Members, Employers, and Providers via What’s For Work? community forums. And, share your experiences via blogging and stay current on workplace trends.

I look forward to connecting with you on the career forums at What’s For Work?

About the Author

Teri Hockett

Teri Hockett is the CEO of What’s For Work? The Premier Career Site for Women.

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