Organizational Tips for the Aggressive Job Seeker

by Ashley Lauren Perez

Female Job Seeker


Job seekers, I’ve been in your shoes before. Up until recently, I was aggressively trying to find work for about a six month stretch. At first, I simply looked at the job boards to see if anything new had come up and clicked the “send resume” button for anything that seemed to be a match. Needless to say, that didn’t yield too many job opportunities or interviews. I soon learned that my strategy needed to be completely re-vamped and involve more tactics to be able to get my resume exposed to the right people. I realized that this method was actually a job in itself and like any good “employee”, it is important to manage your time and stay organized in order to stay on top of things.

Job boards weren’t going to be enough. I decided that I needed to also go to different company websites and apply there individually; network with people; create a personal brand; create a social brand; participate in discussions and chats; and so on. To be effective, you need to take all of these steps, if not more. Trying to keep up with them can be overwhelming so I came up with an organizational plan:

  • Create a schedule to manage your time: In order to get the most out of your job search, you need to spend a good amount of time on each of these tactics. I bought white board that had the days of the week and scheduled blocks of time to focus on one particular tactic. This allowed me to dive right in each day and ensure I didn’t miss a valuable outlet for my job search.
  • Create resume templates: In order to get the highest “match” percentage when you apply to jobs via Applicant Tracking Systems, you must format your resume to have words/phrases that match what was in the job description. Create multiple templates (for different job roles you’re applying to) and make the few changes to customize it for each job you apply to.
  • Keep a folder of information: Whether it be a folder on your computer, e-mail, or a physical folder of print outs, it’s important to keep that information readily available. If a recruiter calls you, you want to be sure to have the job description and company information in front of you so you can easily wow them with your research and knowledge. Recruiters are instantly turned off by candidates that seemed to be “application happy” and seem to have no clue what job or company they applied to.
  • Create an Excel spreadsheet: make a list of jobs you applied to, date you applied, company name, recruiter information (if you have it), source you applied through, and people you networked with. This can allow you to keep track of what you need to follow up on or who to target when you’re spending time networking. Additionally, this can ensure that you aren’t applying multiple times to the same job or to multiple jobs within the same company. That usually is a red flag in recruiters’ eyes.

Job searching is a delicate balance of applying the right way, networking with the right people, and being prepared for an unscheduled phone call from the recruiter. Make sure you keep yourself organized so you can put your best foot forward during your hunt for opportunity.

About the Author

Ashley Lauren Perez

Ashley Lauren Perez is a talent acquisition specialist. Additionally, she is using her human resources and creative writing background to write a blog for managers, leaders, employees, and job seekers. This blog’s mission is meant to make a positive difference by being informative as well as inspiring. When Ashley isn’t writing, you can find her reading, partaking in outdoor activities, and embarking on adventures and travel.

Feel free to read more blogs written by Ashley at Or follow her on Twitter @AshLaurenPerez

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3 thoughts on “Organizational Tips for the Aggressive Job Seeker

  1. Ashley,
    This is such great advice. When you think that it is your job to find a job and employ the organizational tips listed in your article you will come across as a more confident candidate.

  2. Thanks for this advice Ashley! Many job seekers do not realize the importance of staying organized, particularly since today’s job searches can be lengthy. A job search is really project management and staying organized is a crucial element.

  3. Great Advice Ashley, Organization will help you feel more confident and motivated, What’s For Work created the “Job Tracker” for just this reason. Members can organize, keep notes and track jobs they have applied for and bookmark those they are interested in.

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