If You Want It, You Buy It – How it all started

An interview with Lisa Gomes

Recently, we sat down with Lisa Gomes, a career mom, and asked her a few questions about how she got started and her experience in balancing work and family life.

1. How did your career come about?

The phrase I heard before entering the workforce, “If you want it you buy it”, is probably the best thing that ever happened to me; because it started my love for work and excelling in the workforce.  I was a junior in high school when I landed my first job.  Not just any job, my title was “Happiness Facilitator”; and no, this is not a joke.  I worked at a local fun center where I was in charge of creating a happy environment for children on their birthdays.  Part of my duties involved cutting cake, singing, and sharing jokes.  At the time, I would roller skate to and from work since I didn’t have my license yet.  After graduating high school, I went off to junior college where I would attend school and work between studies.  I started working as a receptionist at age 18, and within two years I was an Office Manager where I was responsible for Billing, Accounts Receivables, Purchasing, Petty Cash, Collections, and Sales.  At age 24, I got married and knew kids were in my future, but I wanted to enjoy time with my husband first.  Later, I found a new job in Sales, selling aftermarket parts. It was during this time, that we decided to start a family.

2. What challenges did you encounter as a new working mom?

While pregnant, I was asked if I was a ‘mommy mom’ or ‘business mom’. My reply, “Why can’t I be both”?  There are challenges in having children and working full-time. They vary from finding a great sitter/daycare provider that you trust and afford, to the angst and heartache in leaving your newborn in the care of someone else (this of course varies from mother to mother).  The other challenge is taking sick days at work, when your baby is not feeling well. In my experience, finding a flexible employer and being able to communicate with them can help solve various challenges.

3. What advice would you offer women that are balancing work and family?

Put family first, and work second.  While I’m sure you are working hard for your family and their future, there are moments that you can never get back with your children so it’s important to embrace the present as well.

4. Do you think career women can ‘have it all’ so to speak, or do you think there are trade-offs?

Yes, but there are trade-offs naturally.  Do we miss out on the little things, such as the “firsts” i.e. walking, rolling over, and talking?  Yes, sometimes we do.  But eventually we experience and record them in the baby books. In my situation, my daughter absorbed more from the daycare provider than she would have from me since I was working; learning how to count, write her name, and spell.  Did I miss out? No, because she is now thriving in school and we’re very close. Yes, I win!

About Lisa Gomes

Lisa Gomes

Lisa Gomes is a career mother. She has experience in every office aspect, specializing in sales, and has also dabbled in HR. She loves to run, and have fun with her amazing little girls and husband. They enjoy bike rides and road trip adventures. Lisa loves working and teaching her girls the importance of hard work. She is also a little obsessed with organization and routines; some call her OCD! She can be contacted at Alillisa53@aol.com

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