Why you might be ready for a Career Coach

An interview with Vicki Aubin

Career Coach

Joining us today is Vicki Aubin, founder of The Rockin’ Career Coach, an organization that helps people with their career.

1. What exactly is a career coach, and how can they help?

A career coach is someone who specializes in helping people achieve the career of their dreams, whether it be attaining a specific job, or addressing other goals or areas for development in their career path as a whole.  For example, a career coach can help you to:

  • Revamp your resume and cover letter to capture the attention of recruiters/hiring managers and position you as the kick-ass, uniquely qualified candidate you are
  • Formulate a targeted job search strategy that gives you the most exposure to the kinds of jobs you desire, and a smart, realistically actionable plan to get you there
  • Create your ‘personal brand’ to convey a consistent, professional image and message, online and off
  • Assess and overhaul your LinkedIn profile and presence so you are absolutely irresistible to employers (98% of recruiters and headhunters use LinkedIn!)
  • Proactively prepare for interviews, so you feel confident and put forth the best YOU possible
  • Address other ad hoc issues and challenges at work

And much more; the possibilities are almost limitless. Perhaps one of the most substantial benefits is that you have a knowledgeable, savvy ‘partner’, dedicated to YOU and helping you get where you want to be, in less time and with less effort than you would on your own.

2. What are the signs that someone might need a career coach?

Anyone who feels “stuck” in any aspect of their career can benefit greatly from working with a career coach, in the same way people partner with personal trainers, life coaches, health coaches, etc.  Especially, if you find yourself thinking the following:

‘I know what my dream job is, but I feel overwhelmed at the job search process ahead of me. Where the heck do I start?’

‘I’ve been applying for jobs, but either I’m getting NO responses to my resumes/applications, and/or the positions recruiters/headhunters are sending me are ones I am either clearly disinterested in or totally not qualified for. Am I conveying the wrong message?’

‘I know I want to transition to a brand new role or industry X, but I feel timid and confused about how to go about it.’

‘I feel drained and distracted at the office, daydreaming about my next career move…and I don’t feel focused or confident to take that next step forward.’

In a nutshell, you know it’s time to ‘turn up the volume’ and take charge of your career; and you are ready for some fresh ideas, and the right ‘rocket fuel’ to get you there.

3. What are three things you recommend to job seekers or those looking for something better today?

  1. ‘Define what you want’ vs. ‘take what you get.’  Be very clear and specific about what you want in your next job/career move – write it down, know it, feel it; this not only helps you search smart, but also serves a natural ‘motivator’/source of ‘adrenalin’ to fuel you throughout the journey/process (plus, you want a job and career you ENJOY and love, don’t you?).
  2. Be focused AND flexible – Have a focused, targeted plan of action in your job search and be willing to be flexible and adjust your strategy along the way as need be (just keep your eye on the ‘prize’).
  3. Think of everyone you know as a CONNECTOR and not just a connection.  In the end, you get the job based on personal interaction and connection. Don’t discount ‘this former colleague’ or ‘that networking event’; you never know who knows who, and personal referrals/introductions are powerful allies in your path to your dream job (and they sure beat submitting your resume into the ‘black hole’ of resumes/job applicants!).

4. Lastly, what inspired you to become a career coach yourself?

Short answer: It’s FUN and I love doing it!

Official answer: As I was leaving my previous role in Campus Recruiting, I began volunteering as a Career Counselor at NYU’s Wasserman Center for Career Development, looking to stay connected to the university/student community. Given that I had also previously practiced as a Health Coach, I already knew I had a natural passion and penchant for coaching/mentoring. My major “a-ha!” moment came as soon as my very first student client walked in the door on day one at NYU, and I eagerly asked, “How can I help you today?” I think I felt just as excited to ask that question as the student was to answer! Career Counseling felt instantly like second-nature to me, and I realized then and there that THIS was what I was meant to do, especially given my 10+ years of HR and Recruiting experience behind me.

Knowing that I am making a deliberate and direct difference in a person’s life at such a monumental time is indescribable. It ROCKS! 😉

About the Author

Vicki Aubin

Vicki Aubin – The Rockin’ Career Coach is based in New York City and helps rising professionals kick-start the career of their dreams. With over a decade in Human Resources and Recruiting (Campus, Experienced, Executive, Headhunting), she offers smart, savvy strategies for a kick-ass career they never taught you in (or out of!) college. When she’s not in Career Coach mode, you can find her singing, drumming (girl drummers rock!) or operating as her alter ego, Senior Dance Company Member at Bollywood Funk NYC. She blogs, tweets, pins, faces(?) and tumbls regularly and is the author of 22 Secrets to a Kick-Ass Interview. Get it FREE now: http://www.therockincareercoach.com/free-gift/

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