Connecting People and Staying Connected

By What’s For Work?


In all aspects of life, building good relationships with other people is one of the most valuable things you can do. Being known to others can open doors of opportunity, so long as they know you’re there and capable of helping.

Just think, within your current network of people today, you probably have a good idea of who’s who and what their interests are, for the most part. And if someone were to approach you for help or advice on a topic you’re not familiar with, chances are you might be able to connect them with someone else. Hence, the power of relationships and being able to connect others, while being known as someone that can help.

Specific to business and your career, it’s always a good idea to be a person that connects other people. When others come to you for help, it’s a compliment, because you are perceived as someone that is resourceful. In turn, this means you have others that you can turn to for help as well when you’re looking for something, such as a chance to meet someone you don’t know, etc.

Connecting people and staying connected is an ongoing process that never ends. Here are a few tips that can help you along the way.

Tips for Connecting and Staying Connected

  1. Each day or week, find 1-2 people you know and introduce them to each other.
  2. Next time you attend a networking event, invite a friend or two.
  3. Ask people you know, “is there something that I can help YOU with?”.
  4. When you come across someone or something that can help others you know, share it with them immediately.
  5. Every so often, check in with people in your network and ask how they are doing, or invite them to lunch to catch up.

Remember, the more people you know and the more people you help… the better!

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