Why “Bcc:” is your BFF when it comes to email

By What’s For Work?

Email Bcc

Do you send and receive so many emails, that sometimes it feels like you can never keep track of what’s pending a reponse from someone? If so, then “Bcc:” (Blind Carbon Copy) may soon become your new best friend.

Many of us are heavy email users, receiving and sending hundreds per week. But with so many emails coming and going, it may be difficult at times to remember who we’re waiting to hear back from, on something we emailed.

The Power of “Bcc:”

Compose your email as normal, but this time include your own email adress on the “Bcc:” line. By including yourself on the “Bcc:” line, you will receive emails from yourself, which you can then sort by. So as you work on your inbox throughout the week, you can look at emails sent by you to others, and see if they’ve replied. If they did, then delete this reminder email from inbox. If they have not responded, click ‘Reply to All’, and follow-up with something like:

“Hi, just checking in to see if you can please provide an update on my request below? Thanks”.

Since you’re clicking ‘Reply to All’ on the email to yourself, you’ll already have the original email and people on copy. After you add your new message, you can “Bcc:” yourself once again, and continue this process until your initial question is addressed. 

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