Our Take on the 2013 PBWC Conference

By What’s For Work?

Last week, we attended the PBWC (Professional BusinessWomen of California) Conference in San Francisco, CA. This event is one of the largest in California for women, and provides a great opportunity to hear from prominent speakers and interact with others.

Keynote speakers included:

In addition to the keynote speakers, session hosts Nikki Medoro (KGO Radio), Carolyn Johnson (ABC7 News), and Cheryl Jennings (ABC7 News) emceed to keep things moving along.

Our experience overall was very positive. This conference embodied the spirit of our own tagline, Empowered Women; bringing together thousands of women from all walks of life into a single venue to learn, share, and engage.

The keynote speakers dazzled the crowd with powerful personal stories, quotes, and statistics of how well women are doing in the marketplace. Many of the speakers said that women have come far, but not far enough. The general consensus was that growth for women in the top spots of companies and organizations has stalled, and in some cases declined. Each speaker brought about a sense of urgency, and encouraged participants to take action in their own small way by getting involved, asking the hard questions of their employers, and leading by example for other women.

Some of our favorite talking points were:

  • Pay it forward, and pay it backward.
  • You were called to take action, but it won’t happen unless you get involved.
  • Employers don’t evaluate the same, and this needs to change. Women are measured based on performance, whereas men are measured based on potential.
  • Men apply when they meet some of the job duties, and women apply when they meet all of them; women are missing out on opportunities.
  • An out-of-date belief becomes an assumption.
  • Your daughter’s not bossy…she has executive leadership skills.

To read more comments posted by others on Twitter, check out the hashtag #nextgenderation that was used during the conference.

Did you attend? If so, please leave a comment below and share your experience.

See you next year!

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