Don’t wait for your Manager, schedule your mid-year review today!

By What’s For Work?

Performance Review

When it comes to reviews in the workplace, many people rely on their Manager to arrange and deliver remarks about performance. Depending upon the organization, this may happen once or twice per year, hopefully. And while there are many organizations out there with a formal review process in place, there are still others that don’t have one, which means it’s up to the employee to take action.

The purpose of reviews is to provide you with feedback on how well you’re doing against your goals and objectives, along with answering questions you have and discussing new opportunities. These discussions are extremely valuable because they give you insight into what your management is thinking about you and your performance, whether it be good or bad.

Our message is… don’t wait for your Manager to schedule a mid-year review,
set one up today!

Assuming your Manager has not already done so, setup a meeting with them. Let them know that you would like to discuss your performance, and ensure you’re meeting and/or exceeding expectations. Following the meeting, make sure to document the conversation by making note of agreements and action items; then send them a copy.

By taking ownership of the review process, it shows your employer how much you value yourself and the work you deliver. That alone can go a long way in the eyes of an employer!

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