4 ways to step up your personal marketing campaign

By Sophia Marshall, MHR

4 Ways

Can’t get any traction in your marketing campaign? Is it falling short of its intended goals? Make sure you’ve divided your campaign into at least four integral parts, as indicated below. This will help you gain traction, move ahead, and fulfill your goals.

1. Description of the Product: It’s all about you! What knowledge, skills, and abilities do you have that differentiate you from everyone else? What are you known for? Don’t underestimate the answer to these questions because they can drive your entire job search! They can also affect how you subliminally view yourself.

2. Ideal Job Description: Yes, you still need to know and research the type of job you want to pursue. Put this in writing! Here’s a typical conversation I’ve had during client consultations:

Me:  What do you want to do?
Client: I’ll do anything.
Me: Really? There’s a neat opportunity for an alligator wrestler. Are you interested?

There is nothing wrong with alligator wrestling, but if that’s not your area of expertise, you may want to think twice before dipping your toe in that arena! Be careful about how you answer this question. Having an ideal job description and knowing what you want to do can prevent you from getting caught in the “I’ll do anything” trap.

3. Employer Identification: Seek out companies that hire people with your ideal job description. Remember, jobs come open because employers have identified a need. How can you fill this need? Do not limit yourself by looking at only a few industries. Many skill sets lend themselves well to other industries. The possibilities are endless if you know how to articulate your desires!

4. Marketing Operations: Reach out and make contact with those companies who employ your ideal job. Here’s how:

– Visit the company website to review the mission statement and look at the position hierarchy. This will tell you who reports to who and it also can assist with identifying the person you should speak with.
– Follow the company on LinkedIn for updates, sign up for email updates (if available), and visit the company homepage frequently for changes.
– Search your network to see if you have any connections who work in your ideal field and company.
-Call (yes, call) the company and ask for an informational interview.
+ ________________________.

I left the last suggestion up to you as a way to personalize this marketing plan. Let this last step be one that encourages further traction. Remember, you are no average, ordinary, run-of-the-mill personality. Make sure your marketing campaign is a reflection of this in order to gain traction and help you reach your intended goals.

About the Author

Sophia Marshall

Sophia Marshall is a certified resume writer and career coach who has first-hand experience of frequent relocation and career transition. She has a Master of Human Relations and a Bachelor of Arts in English. As an active participant within the careers industry, Sophia is a member of Career Directors International (CDI), the National Career Development Association (NCDA), and the National Resume Writers’ Association.

Sophia has written a “Get a Job” column for Military Spouse Magazine, provided instruction on obtaining federal employment for Blue Star Families, and currently writes about careers for the Examiner.  She has also facilitated hundreds of career transition workshops.

She can be contacted at sophia_marshall@about.me

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