On Stage With Julia: 7 Secrets to On-Stage Speaking Success

By Julia Glyde

Stage Mic


Mindset is KEY to owning the stage! Whether you are walking on stage, standing up to speak in the front of a room or just introducing yourself to a group YOU MUST BELIEVE THAT YOU ARE THE STAR in that very moment and that people want to hear what you have to say! When you know WHO you are, WHAT your message is and WHY you are there You Will Step Into Your Confidence and Deliver!


This is the most important part of being “Picked” as a speaker and being “Remembered” by your audience! What is your personal style? What makes you different? What do you want your personal style to be? Are you funny? Are you serious and matter of fact? Do you command attention? Are you sweet and friendly? Are you compassionate? Are you energetic and enthusiastic? Knowing “Who You Are” in your personal style, Being True to Yourself, Real and From The Heart and Standing Out From The Crowd Will Help You Have a Greater Impact and Be Remembered!


It is natural and normal to feel nervous before stepping onto the stage or standing up to talk. There are tricks you can do to help calm your nerves, like focusing on slowing your breathing, shaking out your hands and arms and loosening up your neck and shoulders a few minutes before taking the stage. To Make Nerves Your Friend… Consider channeling them into positive energy that you can use to command attention, engage and motivate your audience.

The very best way to calm your nerves is to show up early and mingle with audience members before ever taking the stage. You Won’t Feel as Nervous When You See Familiar Faces and New Found Friends in The Audience!


First impressions are crucial to success on stage. People want to know right away that you are someone they like and trust. How can you make a great first impression? 55% of a first impression is based on the way you look. (Like it or not) Do you look the part? Is your personal style in order? Are your clothes clean? Do you look pulled together? Are you friendly and approachable? You can’t guarantee that people will have a great first impression of you but you can help by doing your part to be prepared. The Most Important Thing is That You Have a Warm, Friendly Smile. You Want People To Know That You Are Happy To Be There With Them!


The best, most natural way to engage your audience from stage is to talk “WITH” them not “AT” them! Engage your audience in a conversation as if you were talking to a friend. Telling short stories can help make an important point and if it’s a personal story your audience will feel more connected to you. Consider asking questions while delivering your message and lead your audience to respond. Engaging an audience and having a conversation with them can be key to winning them over. At the end of the day…. People Will Remember How You Made Them Feel More Than What it is You Actually Said.


People base 33% of a first impression on what they hear not necessary what you say. How are you coming across? Being on a microphone amplifies your voice in a way that can be pleasing to the ear or annoying and irritating. If you voice doesn’t sound good over the mic it can actually distract from your message!

The key to getting your voice right is to practice. Record yourself and ask… Is my voice too high, do I sound like a mouse? Is it too low, do I sound muffled? Am I too fast, can people understand me? Am I too slow, will they fall asleep? Do I pause at the right places allowing the message to be received? Am I using dreaded filler words like um, and, like? Getting Your Voice and Words Right is Critical To Your On-Stage Success!


Why are you on stage in the first place? What is it you want people to “Know” or “Do”. Your call to action is the Most Important Part of being on stage. You are delivering information to get people to “Do” something with your message. Maybe it’s to feel compassion for a cause and join your crusade. Maybe it’s to give money. Maybe you want them to buy something from you. Maybe it’s purely for entertainment and you just want them to have fun! Whatever it is you MUST have a clear call to action!

Here Are a Few Examples…

Sign Up Today… Enjoy The Show… See Me After The Event…
Get My Free On-Line Gift… Enroll Now For a Special Price
People Want to Know What To Do So Tell Them


1) Be Willing to Work Through Fear
2) Be Open To Learning From Others
3) Be Willing To Stand Up And Practice
4) Maintain a Strong Belief in Yourself
5) Promise to Never Quit!

About the Author

Julia Glyde

Julia is a Speaker, Entertainer, Recording Artist, Master Emcee and Coach.  She has been motivating and inspiring audiences for over 20 years in the Entertainment Industry and has Mastered The Art of Communicating and Connecting with people from stage.

She has recorded and released three Spanish Language CD’s; has tour extensively throughout Mexico and the United States; she’s an accomplished Equestrian Stunt Rider and Trick Roper; she has graced the stage with numerous International Music Acts, Comedians and Television Stars as the Spokesperson for a major California Casino; She’s appeared on multiple television and radio shows; She is the Founder and CEO of a 501 (C)(3) Non-Profit Animal Rescue Organization and has Successfully Rescued and Re-Homed over 1,000 homeless pets.

Now, for the first time ever, she is revealing her 7 Secrets to On-Stage Speaking Success to Empower Others with Stage Skills & Stage Presence to Grow Their Business!

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