7 Steps to Leaning In When You’re Opting Out

By Teri Hockett

Lean In

As you, or someone you know, get ready to opt-out of the workforce for whatever the reason, it’s important to lean in when you do. This proactive approach will make things easier for you when you decide to opt back in when the time is right.

7 Steps to Leaning In When You’re Opting Out

  1. Document your accomplishments as you depart the paid workforce. Update your résumé now while information is fresh in your mind, especially the statistical and measurable results.
  2. Make a list of people that you would like to use as references in the future and make a conscious effort to stay connected with them. Maintain regular communication, follow their careers, and comment on their achievements and advancements.
  3. Stay engaged in the industry or industries that interest you. Set up Google alerts for particular industries or dream companies that you would love to work for, and people that are making waves in those areas. Again, comment and congratulate when appropriate.
  4. Network by attending workshops and seminars several times per year. Whether it’s a couple of hours or several days, it’s a great way to stay connected, engaged, and informed.
  5. Learn something new constantly. Consider taking classes in-person or online (Lynda.com is a great resource), and keep your knowledge current by reading. If you have children, learn about the technology they are adopting as well, making a point to stay current.
  6. Make a point to re-engage. Take volunteer positions in something that you are passionate about, where you can utilize your current skills and knowledge to make a difference. Take on leadership roles, and learn new skills in the process.
  7. Contribute content by writing blogs, articles, and commenting on other people’s content.

These are just a few ways to lean in when you’re opting out. If you’d like to learn more and continue the conversation, then please join www.whatsforwork.com for FREE and check out our Forum conversations.

About the Author

Teri Hockett

Teri Hockett is the CEO of What’s For Work? The Premier Career Site for Women.

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