What Elephant is holding you back?

By Teri Hockett

Elephant in a Room

Recently, I received an email from a member that validated my message about embracing your Employed By Life time, which deals with transferring the skills and knowledge you used away from the paid workforce to demonstrate your value when returning to the workforce. She said, “I wanted to say “thank you” because during the interview, I told the interviewer that even though I haven’t worked in the corporate world for awhile, I have used my skills in project management and communication in a new level. During the interview, I emphasized my skills as a stay-at-home mom and volunteer work, which are all transferable to the corporate world.”

This was wonderful news, as this member had been out of the “paid” workforce for 12 years, when she received two job offers after embracing and leveraging her Elephant in the Room.

5 Ways to Embrace and Leverage the Elephant

  1. Be honest about it… “it is what it is”.
  2. Be ready to discuss your value and accomplishments.
  3. Research is key; be ready to talk about issues or concerns the company and/or industry is facing.
  4. Build rapport by asking questions to get the hiring manager talking.
  5. Be prepared; write down your questions so that you can actively listen without having to think about what your next question will be during conversation.

Be the ideal candidate. Remember that employers are people to, and they will be understanding about most situations as long as you can demonstrate that you are the ideal candidate; that not only knows what their problems and issues are, but that you bring viable solutions to the table.

About the Author

Teri Hockett

Teri Hockett is the CEO of What’s For Work? The Premier Career Site for Women.

About What’s For Work?

The Premier Career Site for Women. http://www.whatsforwork.com

Our Mission: Provide a community that encourages members, employers and providers to work together; to inspire and help each other grow.


One thought on “What Elephant is holding you back?

  1. Our work in volunteer and non-profit settings is undervalued. That doesn’t mean its correct to apply a low value to the work we do in those organizations. It is empowering for us careerists to reflect on our contributions to our organization’s mission; and match those to the responsibilities, skills, and experience expectations from our targeted employers. We can tame those elephants.

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