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Finding Your Passion in Life

An interview with Jessica Sweet

Passion Woman

Joining us today is Jessica Sweet, founder of Wishingwell Life Coaching, an organization that helps people find their passion.

1. What does it mean to find your passion?

To me, finding your passion is about connecting with something internal. You know you’ve found something you’re passionate about by listening to your own experience. When you do a thing, you can know it’s reached a level of “passion” for you by how you feel about it – hence all the stuff you’ve heard about “what would you do for free?” If you’ve found something that you are extremely internally motivated to do, you’ve likely hit upon a passion.

2. How should someone deal with having too many passions and not enough time?

There are two things a person should do if they feel they have too many passions. In my experience many people who say they have “too many” passions are frenzied and actually disconnected from their true selves. So the first thing a person with too many passions should do is decide whether they have this frenzied energy and whether they would benefit from digging deep and knowing themselves better. Many times they are just not tuned in to their true selves and their real passions. The other type of person I’ve run across with “too many passions” is the truly multi-passionate person. In truth, I think most of us are multi-passionate, but this is where the second tip comes in. I usually recommend seeing whether people can group their passions. For example, I have many passions which include helping others, writing, and reading. It can feel disorganized and overwhelming (leading to a sense of not having enough time) until one can understand their passions as a group. In my example, I have grouped those passions into a category you might call something like “helping people through stories and words”. Once I understand my passions as a group, they don’t feel separate any more – and any time I spend pursuing one feels connected to the others. It takes away the sense that I’m not forwarding my whole mission.

For those who really can’t connect their passions, and who also feel in touch with themselves and their true passions, I say start working towards eliminating things from your life that you don’t feel passionate about, thereby freeing up time to spend on what you love!

3. Are there daily or weekly behaviors that passionate people demonstrate compared to others?

This is an interesting question. I guess the people who are passionate about something are different from people who feel life is dull in that they give weight to their passions. They feel they are important to find and pursue. I think it’s also important to note that while passions are extremely important in creating a life you love, the people who are truly successful at creating amazing lives are those who have found a way to connect their passions to their gifts and begin working toward a life mission. They are engaged in something greater than themselves – a cause of any kind that they feel compelled to pursue. Driven both by their own passionate interest but also by several other factors including their gift, they have the sense that they are uniquely suited to give back to the world in a specific way.

4. Lastly, what are you personally most passionate about?

As I mentioned, I have many passions, but the overarching idea I’m most passionate about (and the thing my other passions and my gifts help me pursue) is the idea that we are all here with something we are uniquely suited to do. Something we love with a passion, something we want to make a difference with, something that our skills, talents, and experiences support, and something that we have to give back to the world. I’m so passionate about the idea that we all have something powerful and compelling that we are here to do, and therefore every life has meaning, purpose and value. It really breaks my heart to see people who feel useless or purposeless. The idea that so many people feel lost in this way is what compelled me to create my new program, The 9 Day Passion Project, which is a guide to help people know exactly what they need to do to create a life that feels meaningful again. It’s about so much more than just finding your passions, and I can’t wait to share it with the world.

About the Author

Jessica Sweet

Jessica Sweet is a life coach and licensed clinical social worker who helps people create passion, purpose and meaning in their lives. She is available for individual coaching. You can learn more about her and read her blog at Be sure to grab her FREE 7 Day Do What You Love MiniCourse while you’re there! She is also the creator of The 9 Day Passion Project, a step-by-step system to help you create a life you love. You can learn more at:

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