A Female Perspective on Social Media

An interview with Bri Clark

With so many women actively involved in social media, we reached out to someone who knows a thing or two about the subject to get her thoughts, Bri Clark from Belle Consulting.

1. Why do women stand out when it comes to social media?

Women are naturally social. We as beings crave camaraderie. Often times we are isolated within the sphere of our responsibilities with little to no contact with the regular world. Because of social media we can be in two places at once…in a sense. We can discuss hobbies, share photos with far away relatives, or lean on a friend during a particularly bad day. Social media is dominated by us because we love it. We use it.

2. How can women use social media to network more effectively?

With my earlier answer I said that we are naturally more social by nature. In contrast a business mindset is not as natural for us. What I mean by that is we are emotionally influenced in everything. For example a man might think he is entitled to promotion and raise and ask for it. Women are much harder on themselves in comparison. They have to feel that they have earned it. And since women are so hard on themselves they probably will never feel they did deserve it. With that said. If we as women would be bold and ask for support when we need it we will find that there is a virtual army of female supporters to answer that call. For example, if you have a blog post you are particularly proud of and you want others to see it. Just ask them to share it. They will.

3. Are there things to avoid or be aware of when it comes to having an online presence?

Don’t assume anything. Often times we will find that our feelings are hurt. And it’s because we have allowed it to hurt us. One of the best things I’ve been told is don’t assume. It’s also the one I struggle with the most. In addition to not assuming you need to decide where you will draw your lines between social presence and personal details. I know a woman who has a toddler and she is very popular author and speaker. She has never divulged her son’s name online. Opting to simply call him “the Spawn” instead. One minute she’s talking books and blogging the next cats and potty training. It’s an amazing combination that has created a great response. But she set that boundary from the beginning and has stuck to it. So make sure that even if they are small boundaries you stick to them.

4. Lastly, what is the most memorable professional experience you had that came from using social media?

For that would have to be connecting with one of my favorite authors of all time. We connected through Facebook. I counseled her on some social media marketing. We found we have a lot in common. Cats, kids, husbands, and deadlines. Just by getting to know her as one woman to another our relationship has grown to texting and phone calls. Because of it I actually got to hear news before any other fan would about her novels. And because I understand and value her friendship I of course didn’t’ divulge it.

About the Author

Bri Clark

Bri is the original Social Ghoster, literary strategist, popular blogger, award-winning author and speaker as well as a consultant and promoter for multiple publishers and businesses. As a founding premier member and marketing strategist of the Women Speakers Association she works with women all around the world. One of her greatest joys is showing people how not to be intimidated by anything. Her personal motto “Alpha all the way,” which means prepare to dominate anything you go after, is the mentality she attempts to invest in her audience. Visit her at: www.belleconsult.com

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