People That Can Make You Successful

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People That Can Make You Successful

By Trina Fleming

Successful People

You would be hard pressed to find anyone who does not agree that it is smart to surround yourself with positive people and it’s even smarter to surround yourself with people who are smarter than you.  But I think there are some specific people you should consider for your inner circle:

·        The Coach – Your coach is someone who inspires you internally, holds you accountable and is in partnership with you in helping you achieve your goals.

·        The Cheerleader – Your cheerleader is the one who does not give up on you, even if you give up on yourself.  You can take any problem to your cheerleader and they will still believe that the win is possible.

·        The Artist – Your creative artist is full of energy, helps you think outside the box, adapts to almost any situation and is full of contagious passion.  Artists remind you why you’re doing what you’re doing and it’s the why that keeps you going when things get rough.

·        The Engineer – Sometimes you may not be sure what the engineer is talking about, but they provide logic and reason and technical support.  The engineer often tests quality and identify weaknesses with situation analysis and logical problem solving.

·        The Realist – The realist sees through you.  They don’t buy your excuses; they know when you’re kidding yourself and they have no problem telling you.  The realist can rub you the wrong way at times, but you can depend on them to be honest with you.

To be successful you need people in your life who inspire you, who cheer you on, whose passion is contagious, who play devil’s advocate and who will be honest with you.

Do you know who these people are in your life?
And do you know which one you are in the lives of others?

About the Author

Trina Fleming

Trina is the Director of Operations and Marketing at WHW. She utilizes her 22 years of experience in operations, information technology systems and business development as she is charged with enhancing and maintaining internal organization processes, overseeing all facility needs, the development and management of technology support and a focused outreach to local small business partners.  Trina leads a volunteer Marketing and Public Relations Committee focused on critical marketing and outreach to all of WHW’s constituents and effective communication between the organization and the public.

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