Personal Branding 101: Determine Your Current Personal Brand

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False Advertisements and Personal Branding

by Teri Hockett

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No one likes false advertisements; when we are promised something that does not measure up to its claims, or turns out to be something entirely different. When it comes to you, what does your personal brand say? Does it measure up to its perceived claims? Does it represent the message that best conveys who you are, your dreams, and your career aspirations?

Here are some things to consider from a career management perspective:

• Does your résumé give a true representation of the skills and experience that you bring to the table? Do you oversell accomplishments?
• Do you short sell your “Employed By Life” experience by not sharing the skills and experience you gained outside of the paid workforce?

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• Do you share portions of your life, but forget to share information about your passions, volunteer work, career accomplishments, and goals?
• Do you leverage your social media activity to learn more about your desired career, company, and people that work in your field?
• How often, if ever, have you Googled yourself? Do the search results show the real you?

• Is your network balanced between friends, family, schoolmates, colleagues, and associates that you are actively pursuing to further your career aspirations?
• Are you a member of groups in your target industry?
• Do you monitor and contribute to news in your target industry?
• Are you following experts in your desired field?

• Have you found a platform for your voice? A place where you can contribute original content, that can help circulate your name?
• Are you engaged in social networks in your field? Do you contribute meaningful comments, start conversations, and share valuable content to get noticed by hiring managers?

The bottom line is that you are in control of your personal brand; take time to review and monitor all aspects on an ongoing basis. Your social media presence should pitch who you are, what you want others to know about you, and what you can do to help your target audience solve their problems. Are you doing what it takes to market yourself?

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